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Jones Institute Europe
The Jones Institute Europe; is the European office of the homonymous organization dependent on the American Jones Institute, based in San Diego California (USA) founder of the osteopathic technique Strain Counterstrain (SCS), conceived by Dr. Lawrence H Jones D.O.; F.A.A.O. It is therefore the only European institution certified and qualified to teach the aforementioned method.

The Counterstrain is  the pivot technique of the modern American osteopathy, conceived in the mid-1950s by the osteopathic physician Dr. Lawrence Jones; and then thanks to the joint ten-years’ work of the many certified operators  scattered around the world, the technique has evolved according to the most modern scientific criteria; proving its validity beyond reasonable doubt, not only in the musculoskeletal field but also on the different systems such as vascular, respiratory, viscera-organic, etc.. In fact, it has a great number of scientific publications and research doctorates.

SCS differs from many other manual techniques because it is completely neurological and non-manipulative or mass-treating. The Counterstrain bases its application fundaments on neuro-physiological processes that regulate the human body, thus leading to the complete restoration of impaired functions. This is the fundamental reason why it resolves where other techniques tend to fail.
The SCS is today one of the few osteopathic approaches to boast the merit of owning an institution to its foundations. This allows on one hand to maintain the purity of the technique, on the other hand to invest resources in the development and improvement of the method itself, ensuring a very high quality in the training of operators in manual medicine. Anyone who today practices a manual medicine profession and really wants to make a difference, exponentially improving their clinical practice and above all treating patients effectively and safely, cannot miss the opportunity to be trained in Counterstrain.
All our teachers are graduates or multi-graduates, with specialization in the orthopedic, medical or osteopathic fields; and follow a specialized training course of several years before being able to teach. Only those who meet these requirements and after completing their course of study within the Strain Counterstrain curriculum can pursue careers in teaching the official Strain Counterstrain. Having subsequently attended as assistants for over 4 years from the end of their Counterstrain certification training as: “Certified operator and graduated Strain Counterstrain” for a total of at least 30 courses of attendee. All teachers must demonstrate that they have followed at least four courses required out of five between: Vocal speaking, Public speaking, Coach speaking, Lecture coaching, Group planning. Finally, they have to take and pass the examination for teachers in training Strain Counterstrain. All this to guarantee training at the highest level for our practitioners, a high standard difficult to match in other institutions. Since the purpose of the Jones Institute is quality and not quantity, in more than 20 years of the Institute there are only 7 teachers who are authorized to teach this method.
The exclusivity of the technique is supported by an overseas mother institute founded over 25 years ago, with over 30 thousand students trained and a second European institute, to protect the technique itself, the Jones Institute Europe precisely. It too with over 3.000 active students. To guarantee the teaching quality, the courses are held exclusively by international professors certified by the Jones Institute, the only body authorized to certify teachers. The Strain Counterstrain® is a protected and registered trademark. In fact, it cannot be taught or improvised by teachers who are not qualified for training; both for the rights reserved by the Jones Institute and for the strict rules of certification for teaching. This, like other aspects, is certainly a source of seriousness and a guarantee for the quality of the training and the topics covered.
The soundness of an institution that has been at the base of the method itself for over 20 years.
A method with over 50 years of clinical experience behind it.
Continue studies and updates for the improvement of the technique, which remains at the same time alive and original.
Multiple clinical studies, scientific publications and bibliography on the subject.
Immediate practical applicability on the patient immediately after each course.
To obtain a visible and almost immediate result on the patient already from the first visit.
Great diagnostic specificity and ease of execution with an absolutely painless technology.
Real deep and tangible reprogramming of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System.
No contraindication for the patient and complete atraumaticity in the execution of the technique.
Complete resolution of somatic dysfunction in only 90 "and with the latest technical developments in only 15, 10 and 1 second of execution.
The great professionalism and experience of our teachers, who follow a training course of several years, thus developing a uniqueness of the teaching method; prerogative of seriousness and excellence in teaching.
Drastic reduction of treatment times and subsequent therapeutic protocol; because in only one or a few sessions the complete recovery from the problem can be obtained.
"Jones Strain Counterstrain technique" is a registered trademark, any use of this terminology may occur in legal persecution!
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