Trademark - Jones Strain Counterstrain

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Jones Strain Counterstrain is a REGISTERED EUROPEAN TRADEMARK, this means that there is an exclusive right in the use of the above nomenclature for the International registration classes 41 and 44.
Dowload the official certified copy here: SCS Trademark & JT Trademark

In Europe the registration and protection of trademarks is disciplined from the regulation (CE) N. 40/94 of the council of 20 December 1993 on community trademarks.

The use of the above terminology, in any form, without authorization from the Jones Institute Europe,  can be cause of LEGAL PERSECUTION!

"Jones Strain Counterstrain technique" is a registered trademark, any use of this terminology may occur in legal persecution!
Jones Institute Europe
Property of
Via Luigi Chiala40/D
10127 Torino - Italy
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