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The Scientificity of the Method:
For years now, the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) considers the SCS probably the most advanced and innovative manual medicine technique in the osteopathic field. As a matter of fact, it is the only one to have an institute at its base, allowing on the one hand the purity of the method to be maintained, and on the other, the method to be developed and implemented in a scientific and controlled manner. Counterstrain is the best and most innovative method one can find today in manual medicine from the perspective of: immediate and durable patient response, short recovery time, atraumatic therapeutic maneuvers and an approach which is absolutely painless for the patient.

It is the only system to have precise diagnostic points linked to specific dysfunctions in the body; this allows a very quick diagnosis compared to the classic osteopathic evaluation. The Strain-Counterstrain technique is the only method which, by analyzing the whole body in detail, has uncovered countless diagnostic points on the front side of the body connected to dysfunctions and back pains, which, if not treated previously/from the front, do not lead to a resolution. It is also the only technique in the world to be completely applicable to musculoskeletal, cranial, visceral, fascial, vascular arterial and lymphatic dysfunctions as well as on peripheral nerves. It differs from many other manual techniques in that it is completely neurological and non-manipulative or mass-treating. The SCS finds its application bases on neuro-physiological processes that regulate the human body, thus leading to the complete restoration of impaired functions. This is the fundamental reason why it resolves malfunctions where other techniques tend to fail. Sure enough, its implementation is not directed to musculoskeletal dysfunction in itself, but to the specific neurological reprogramming of the α-γ circuit or similar, that keep the malfunctions in place. This approach, as a matter of fact, has the peculiarity of allowing direct and deep communication with the nervous system, thus managing to correct the faulty neurological programming at the base of all the structures innervated by contractile receptors in an immediate and lasting manner, be they muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascias, vessels or nerves. Thanks to the ability of the SCS technique to immediately restore the proper functioning of the peripheral system that is neurologically inhibited or malfunctioning for various causes that may have occurred to the body, a complete and immediate joint release, a relaxation or recovery of muscular strength is obtained in just a few seconds. The technique is "literally" able to unlock the error and reset the system, all in 90'' at most (neurologically physiological time in the human body). In recent years, the Jones Institute's research further developed the method, lowering the response time for the body to under 10 seconds.
All the above characteristics distinguish it from other methods of manual medicine, making it unique.
The exclusivity of the training guarantees that the operators who are formed within the Jones Institute acquire a high quality set of skills. Thanks to the noteworthy, in-depth knowledge of the concepts provided for each course and the knowledge of the most recent findings in neurophysiology, we aim to perfect the expert professionals and to train participants in an effective, practical and non-dispersive way in the initial phase of their career.
The Neuromuscular Spindle Reflex
Our Institute, offers all professionals in the medical, rehabilitative, osteopathic and chiropractic fields a complete training in real American Osteopathy; through the learning of the Strain-Counterstrain methodology, devised by Dr. Lawrence H. Jones in the United States in the 1950s and carried out by his pupil Randall S. Kusunose PT, OCS, JSCCI; currently professor and president of the Jones Institute. The Strain-Counterstrain method is based on the scientific demonstration that most musculoskeletal pains are caused by an error in the interpretation of the sensorial input message by the spinal nervous system, which induces a discharge reflected in the corresponding motor neuron, leading to a faulty state of tension, creating the vicious cycle of pain-contracture-ache. Read the "introduction to osteopathic dysfunctions"

Dr. Jones has been credited with the discovery of diagnostic points scattered throughout the body, which he called:
"Tender Points" (TP) which represent specific somatic dysfunctions and guide the operator throughout the execution of the
treatment. Scientific proof/validation (JAOA •Vol 106 • No 9 •September 2006 • 537-545), the numerous clinical studies, the
multiple publications and books on the subject, have allowed to transmute the past manual practice in a scientific method.
The SCS technique is based upon an accurate clinical observation, on the neuro-anatomical, physio-pathological foundations and on an innovative manual approach that allows to solve the somatic dysfunctions in just 90 seconds. The evolution of the studies carried out by the Jones Institute enabled reduction the time of execution of the classical technique to only 15, 10 or 1 second(s); these accelerations in the method are taught in the most advanced courses. For further information please go to the following page: "Technique".
"Jones Strain Counterstrain technique" is a registered trademark, any use of this terminology may occur in legal persecution!
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